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Air weapons, though, sell the most, since they don't need a licence. And the anecdotes of old are aplenty with the present Bandukwalas. Priced at Rs 30, these low-power pistols use metal balls or 4.

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Today, besides trading in arms, Kulkarni claims his establishment is the only one in India to make air rifle pellets of Olympic standards. Their money was stashed at home in the absence of banks, so they needed protection.

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Against this backdrop, opening up of unlicensed trade in India is a contradiction. Another clause in the new draft law titled, 'power to write aspen 25 dating kansas city missouri, says the director-general, ASI, may, with the concurrence of the central government, write off any antiquity or art treasure which has lost its antiquarian value because of "wear and tear over a period of time".

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Download The Times of India news app for your device. Another former ASI officer said the draft was sent to the Union law ministry and the latter should have ensured appropriate "checks and balances".

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Another gun originally sourced from the courts of the rajas is embellished with gold work and ivory engraving. The trend today is of the rich buying small arms like revolvers and pistols, while the not-so-rich go in for shotguns," Bandukwala explains. He says this is because the sale of firearms has been on the decline over the past three to four years owing to the strict licensing process, new rules and government policies.

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