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DTMF tones are still relevant - automated phone systems use them to know the selection you've just made.

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The reason BIOS beep codes exist of course is that when your video display is not working, or you're not able to load enough of your operating system to display text, driving a primitive speaker requires almost no software support. Sounds of the power grid are heard but no computer wind-down.

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Every tool you use makes some sort of noise that helps the child understand better what is going on. Windows CE and other operating systems for mobile devices make a click when any key is pressed for audible feedback when using an onscreen keyboard and a touchscreen.

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Dak Prescott Start him with confidence. It kind of reminded me of a time when I was younge Jordan Howard He does well against the Lions.

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Every scroll and click makes some sort of noise. Of course, because he's back.

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Also parodied when Bender was running a computer dating service and ran Zapp Brannigan's preference card through the Computer Data Matchupifier read: