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Megami no senshi pegasus forever latino dating

It's all the more awesome, then, that this is also one of their absolute best songs ever. Now one can argue that "Asu he no Toushi" was used for all four seasons, across seven years, simply because it was cheaper to reuse an existing song than to have Kurumada write new songs for each season, which is likely part of the reason, but I would argue that another reason is simply because it's so absolutely fitting for the series as a whole.

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For Marina del ray this is absolute truth, because their debut song, which was the opening theme for all four seasons of the Ring ni Kakero 1 anime, is still their best song ever. Featuring great verses that build up the tension, followed by absolutely pounding choruses as well as excellent musicianship in general, this song is much like "rough and ready" in that it would make an outstanding opening theme.

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This is exactly what an "image song" is meant to be: What I want to do, though, is give attention to some of Marina del ray's best songs in the 10 years they've been doing themes for Masami Kurumada's works.

Since their work is so strongly tied to Masami Kurumada's works, MDR is a really, really small name group among anime fans, and I'm sure this is a fact across the world at large.

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