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Despite taking severe losses, the forces of Angmar manage to defend their fortress against the Elves long enough for reinforcements to arrive to lift the siege. It also comes redford white daughter dating a new campaign based on Angmar, consisting of eight missions telling the rise of the Witch-king of Angmar and the fall of the kingdom of Arnor.

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Every faction except Angmar also received an elite hero unit. For the sake of gameplay, however, many liberties are taken from Tolkien's work and the film trilogy by Peter Jackson.

Create-A-Hero mode added two extra troll races, new weapons and armor customizations.

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The Elves are defeated, although enough damage has been done to Angmar to allow Arnor enough time to recover from its wounds unless action is taken.

Many decades after this plague has all but depopulated what was left of Arnor, the only city that still stands in defiance of Angmar is Arnor's capital of Fornost.

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Four hero armies were also made available per faction. Even though Middle-earth was at peace for a thousand years following the defeat of Sauron in the War of the Last Alliance, the northern twin of Gondor, Arnor, is split into three realms owing to civil dissension.

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Many of the notes that Tolkien made regarding the war are used as missions in the games campaign and epilogue. All of the in-game cutscenes are narrated by Glorfindel, Elf-lord of Rivendell, who partakes in the games epilogue.

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The two forces form an alliance with the intention of eradicating Angmar's forces and destroying its realm, before it dominates the remainder of Eriador.