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Poseidonas online dating

It would be easy to visit Dating show froukje van and treat it as just another Mediterranean beach resort, but the area is steeped in ancient history, so the next day local guide Nemos took us on a whistle-stop tour.

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Almyra's popular taverna-style restaurant Ouzerie offers Cypriot cuisine and live music and the meze menu was so extensive we asked the chef to choose for us. The Paphos-based dive centre, Cydive, offered an introductory scuba-diving course for children over eight based at a local swimming pool.

Nothing grabs the attention of a year-old more than a good mythical yarn involving a half-man, half-bull monster that eats children!

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Chic rooftop terraces at the Almyra Hotel, Paphos Another must-see attraction is the Tomb of the Kings, the final resting dating of about Ptolemaic aristocrats who lived and died in Paphos from the 3rd Century BC. The rock where the goddess is said to have emerged from the waves can be found a few miles outside the city and can be seen from the comfort of an airconditioned car, which was handy as the temperature was now nearing the mids.

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