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A good amount of sculpin came over the rail while we were fishing for bass. After the sun went down, we shifted our focus to bass over structure. That got the blood pumping for many anglers as a lot of them started throwing jigs.

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The big bass like it in the structure. This season, twilights on the Native Sun have seen sculpin up to three pounds. In this area, if you are away from the structure, you may get a sculpin, but rarely a bass.

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The barracuda had popped up off Long Beach earlier that morning, so we were hoping they would pop back up for us night fishermen.

However, the bass that were caught were the quality grade. On most any other night past that bass would have won jackpot, but not this night with barracuda on board.

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When they want to really go on the chew is undetermined. Aboard were 41 anglers — some new, some veterans and regulars — and they were all ready for a night of fishing. While bass is our main target, sculpin provide plenty of excitement afstand denmark albanien dating are great eating.

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If you are fishing bait and the fish are deeper, try fishing a dropper loop with the liveliest anchovy you can find in the bait wells, one with all its scales. All of a sudden, Raul Martinez hooked up with the very first barracuda of the evening on the jig.

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