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War in the PocketMobile Suit Gundam This is actually the first Original Generation game, as it includes only Masou Kishin characters.

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Important Banpresto Original characters debuting here: Requiem for VictimsMachine Robo: The proper sequel to Alpha, released on the PlayStation 2 in March Released in Julyit revolves around the attack of the "Inspectors" of the intergalactic Zuvorg Alliance.

It's also famous for introducing Virtual-ON characters, the first time another company 's video game series is brought into the franchise.

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Released in March on the PlayStation, Alpha Gaiden introduces simultaneous weapon upgrades for units and brings back Masou Kishin characters for their final appearance before the Original Generation sub-series, which was a source of speculations that Banpresto got sued by Winkysoft for using their characters Word of God states the team really just wanted a break from the recent spate of Masou Kishin-centric stories.