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The Franciscan provincial chapter of Halberstadt elected him in his absence to the position of provincial minister of Saxony in The work was inspired by the idea elaborated by Isidore, and the Victorines and subsequently by Bonaventure that the knowledge of the properties of visible things dating lead the inquisitive mind towards contemplation of God Invisibilia enim Dei per ea quae facta sunt intellecta conspiciuntur Rom.

Iolanda Ventura, De diversis artibus, 79 n.

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See also the study of Quarg: He retained the office until his death rara avis latino dating Dominikanerkloster 14 book ff. Meyer Ashmole ; Oxford, Bodl. John of Trevisa's Translations of Bartholomaeus Anglicus: A modern French translation appeared in An incunable edition of an anonymous translation into Dutch appeared in Bartholomew apparently wrote this work for fellow friars and theology students, who needed a wide, encyclopaedic knowledge of many disciplines but did not have access to or time to study the individual disciplines in depth, and could make do with at times superficial treatments of the topics at hand.

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James Long, De diversis artibus, 78 n. Inhe came to Magdenburg in the Saxony province where a Franciscan studium had been created in as lector, at the request of minister general John Parenti and the Franciscan general chapter of Some copies of letters by and to him from this period one from 16 October about the right to hear confession, and a copy of a letter sent to him by Bonaventure in still survive.

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