Diy dating anniversary gifts Dating Anniversary Gifts

Diy dating anniversary gifts

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Just make sure that each of the holes are in the same location. I am so excited for my hubby to slide out each coupon and see his surprises!

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For the wedding day collage pillow I got a little fancier with the editing skills and I used an amazing site called picmonkey. Finally, the best part about this love coupon book is that you can add small items to the pockets to go along with the coupon.

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From practical to, well, playful! On the sentimental side, a framed collage of memorabilia from 1st date, make a scrapbook of your first year together, or turn a photo of best dating game psp together into art.

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More than just a coupon for a movie — add the gift card to the local theatre OR the actual tickets to the show they have been excited to see!