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Dating game tv show contestants

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Game shows have had an inconsistent place in Canadian television, with most homegrown game shows there being made for the French-speaking Quebecois market and the majority of English-language game shows in the country being rebroadcast from, or made with the express intent of export to, the United States. Truth or Consequences was the first game show to air on commercially licensed television.

In the bonus round, the stakes are higher and the game is considered to be tougher.

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High Rollers Alex Trebek hosted this casino-style dice game. Jacques Semelin, a psychologist who took part in the documentary, said the participants were made to sign a contract obliging them to obey the presenter's instructions. Very funny and incredibly exciting, The New Treasure Hunt ran for three years but received a lot of criticism for being too exploitative?!?

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Bonus round[ edit ] A bonus round also known as a bonus game or an end game usually follows a main game as a bonus to the winner of that game.